Amazons' Association "Agata"

About us
Non-Profit Organization, National Court Registry No KRS 0000006292.
Member of the Federation of „Amazonki” Associations.

Do you have a problem?
Don’t you know what to begin with?
Remember, you are not alone. We have had this disease over. Now, we will be happy to help you in your hard time. We will show you how to return to the normal life.

Visit or call us!
+48 91 48 81 868
this is a helpline for women with an oncological breast
Monday - Thursday 11.00 – 15.00

The volunteer members of the “Agata” Association will listen to you and answer to all questions important to you.  
Our center at ul. M. Kopernika 7 is open to all women in need
Monday - Thursday 11.00-15.00.

You can count on us!
We invite you!

Szczecin Amazons’ Association “Agata” was established in 1993. Currently, we unite about 200 breast amputees. Thanks to exercise taken under the guidance of physiotherapists and a psychologist’s consultancy we rally our psychic and physical abilities. We find it easier to achieve it in a group because each one of us exemplifies that despite the past disease you can still enjoy your life.
After completing the therapy, some of us, having received a special training, become volunteers, providing support to the ill women in hospitals.
An early identification of cancerous lesion within the area of breast ensure 100% curability.
Visit a doctor if you have noticed even little changes!!!
Promote the idea of systematic preventive check up and breast self-examination among all women in your environment.
Believe that it is possible to overcome this disease and that the hardships and suffering will help you see many things in a different way and find other values in your life. Do not compare yourself to the others, as the disease and convalescence take a different course at each case. Convalescence need some time and effort, but here the patience pays. And when finally you are at your full strength, you can also become a volunteer.
Your next of kin will surely lavish attention on you, and if you do not have such ones, you will find them among the members of the „Agata” Association.


Rehabilitation hall:
Activities run by rehabilitation trainers on Monday - Thursday.

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Our bank account number:
Bank Pekao SA Szczecin 61 1240 3813 1111 0010 6730 1415